All points bulletin out for Mii artists… wants your submissions!

The Challenge

-Create an animated gif, exactly 150×150 pixels, preferably using the interface at for source images, which depicts the creation of a Mii – where the first frame represents the default Mii creator image and the last frame, your finished celebrity Mii.


mii editor – virtually identical to the Mii Channel’s palette


-Include as many frames as you like in your animation – just remember that the goal is that it’s made clear the animation represents the progressive construction of a Mii.

-Also, your completed animation should not exceed 40k (yes, it might be challenging to accomplish this), and the reason for this is practicality… large images aren’t good for websites, and the winning entry will be incorporated into‘s header, next to the logo!

The Prize

A free Wii game will be awarded to the winning artist (WarioWare: Smooth Moves, or if you already have this great game, a title of your choice, subject to availability, etc.) and the runner up will receive a new nunchuk controller… in addition, all of the better runner-up entries will be showcased on our pages.

More Recommendations for Format

It is strongly recommended that you use, a terrific Flash clone of the Wii’s Mii palette. It renders high-quality, perfectly framed images of newly created Miis, and allows you to save them to your desktop. You can use this feature to take ‘snapshots’ of your Miis in progress.

Once you’ve created a series of images (remember, 40k or so in total; reduce/resave as necessary), which will effectively function as ‘movie frames’, you’ll need to compile an animated gif. There are a plethora of free software tools to accomplish this. A good resource for creating animated gifs can be found at:

Send all entries as an email attachment to admin [@] showmii [dot] com.

We look forward to your entries… good luck!

p.s. Bloggers, Diggers and Stumblers, please pass it on!

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